PA Lemon Law

Lemon Law

The Pennsylvania Lemon Law applies to new vehicles purchased in Pennsylvania that suffer from a defect.  At Artim Law, we are able to represent you with no out of pocket costs.  We handle your case for free and the Pennsylvania Lemon Law makes the Manufacturer of the vehicle pay our fees if we win.  If your car falls within the PA Lemon Law, you may be eligible for a full refund, a free replacement, or cash compensation.

Is Your Vehicle A Lemon?

In order for a vehicle to be considered a “Lemon,” it must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Have 3 or more repair attempts for the same or similar defect OR be out of service for more than 30 calendar days;
  • Be less than a year old during the first repair attempt;
  • Have less than 12,000 miles during the first repair attempt;
  • Be purchased for family/residential/household use.

To make this determination, we will need to see all of your purchase paperwork and work orders.  These documents will include your Bill of Sale, pink slip (temporary registration), finance paperwork (Retail Installment Sales Contract), Warranty, and all Work Orders you received each time you took the vehicle to the mechanic. The Lemon Law applies not only to cars, but also to vans, trucks, and SUV’s.  Regardless of the size or price of the vehicle, as long as it falls within the above parameters, it will most likely qualify as a Lemon.  However, the Lemon Law does not apply to Used Vehicles, Motorcycles, or Mobile Homes.  For Used Vehicles, Motorcycles, and Mobile Homes, there is a separate section of the law.

What If Your Car is Used?

If you car does not fall within the Lemon Law, but still has a warranty, there is a Federal Law very similar to Pennsylvania’s Lemon Law.  The Magnuson Moss Warranty Act covers all warranty claims outside of the Lemon Law and provides similar remedies, including payment of your attorney’s fees.  The Magnuson Moss Warranty Act applies to both manufacturer warranties and third-party service contracts.  If you bought a used car and a warranty, you may have a under Magnuson Moss. When it comes to Used Vehicles, there are a large number of other claims that may apply to your vehicle.  So, just because it isn’t technically a Lemon, we may still able to help.  The Pennsylvania Auto Industry Trade Practices Act provides a lot of protection for used vehicle purchases, even if you bought the vehicle, “As-Is.”  You may also have a claim under the Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices Act, Uniform Commercial Code, Odometer Law, and Common Law Fraud. If your vehicle is not new or slightly used, that does not mean we cannot help.  When it comes to vehicles we also handle cases for New Motor Vehicle Damage, and Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles.  Car dealerships are out to make money.  If that means they sell you junk and take your money, they will do it.  Sometimes Dealerships try to sell you a vehicle telling you it is new.  But, when you take it home, you find damage that was covered up.  If so, the Dealership may have violated the law.  Similarly, Car Dealerships will tell you a vehicle is “Certified Pre-Owned.”  What they don’t tell you is that the phrase “Certified Pre-Owned” really doesn’t mean anything.  Those car sales are full of unfair trade practices and fraud.

How Much Is An Attorney Going To Cost?

At Artim Law, we never require an upfront retainer for Lemon Law cases or breach of warranty cases that we can bring against the manufacturer.  When we hear about another attorney attempting to charge a retainer for warranty claims, it is clear that the other attorney is not familiar with the law.  Pennsylvania Lemon Law, other state statutes, and federal law all shift the burden to the Manufacturer pay for your attorney.  We advance all reasonable costs associated with your claim and have the Manufacturer reimburse us.  Essentially, you get FREE legal services until we win. When it comes to Used Vehicles, Morrow and Artim, P.C. still provides you with top-notch legal services, but there may be some upfront cost to you.  Depending on the case, you may be responsible to covering some of the costs, like paying for the filing and service of the Complaint.  We typically see this when we are dealing with older vehicles and smaller used car dealerships.  Because of this limitation, we do not handle Used Vehicle cases for vehicles more than 10 years old or less than $10,000.00 purchase price. Give us a call today for a free case assessment.  If we think you have a claim, we will take your case and fight for you.  If we think you may have a case, we will help you take the next step to protect your rights.