Timing Used Car Fraud

Pennsylvania law, provides a quite a bit of protection for people buying used cars.  Some of the strongest claims involve pre-existing conditions that exist at the time of sale, but are not discovered until after you have signed the paperwork and bought the car.  In order to sue a Used Car Dealer for failing to disclose these defects, we have to be able to prove that the defect existed at the time of sale.  That means contacting our office at the right time is imperative.

One common problem with used cars is engine trouble.  For example, you buy a used car, drive it off the lot, and a few days later the check engine light comes on.  You take it to a mechanic to find out that the transmission is bad.  If that mechanic is able to tell you that the transmission was most likely bad at the time of sale, you have a case and this is the right time to call us.  But, if you get the transmission fixed before you contact our office, you may have killed your claim.

Just recently, we had to pass on a case for this exact reason.  The potential client did not call us at the right time.  He bought a used truck.  Two days after purchase, the engine blew up.  He took it back to the dealership and they fixed it.  Four months later, the engine blew again.  He took it back to the dealership, and they fixed it.  Now, he is calling our office to see if we can sue the dealership for selling him a truck with a bad engine.  Unfortunately, because the engine has been fixed twice, we can’t go back to prove that the engine was bad at the time of sale.

The right time to call our office is immediately after you experience a problem with your used car.  Pennsylvania law requires the dealership to tell you if the vehicle has engine problems, transmission problems, or won’t pass inspection prior to sale.  We are willing to bet that our potential client’s truck would have fallen into one or more of these requirements.  But, we have to have a mechanic look at the used vehicle before getting the repairs.

Car Dealerships are not there to help you.  They are there to make money.  That’s it, bottom line.  There is not benefit to you when you call the dealership and demand that they fix the car.  However, if you call us first when you experience a problem, we may be able to get your money back and have your attorney paid for.

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