What’s Wrong with My Car?

Lots of used cars have problems.  The older they get, the more problems they have.  Most of the time, for those who have been driving for a long time, narrowing down the issue or defect isn’t that hard.  Professional mechanics can often times just hear the defect and point straight to the cause.  However, occasionally, there are mysterious defects.  Defects that just don’t make sense.  The car is overheating, the car burns lots of oil, the car shut off randomly.  These defects are the most frustrating because we don’t know the cause.  We don’t understand what’s going on and there is no certainly to fixing the problem.

From our prospective, these mysterious issues cause just as much frustration.  We receive calls from clients all the time who report the symptoms of a defect, but can’t actually tell us what’s wrong with the car.  We sympathize because we know the frustration of not knowing the problem and how to fix it.  We also know that suing a dealership or manufacturer because of a symptomatic defect is a really hard case to win.  For used cars, an opposing attorney will always ask 2 valid questions:  How do we know this problem existed at the time of sale?  What is the actual defect and is it covered by Pennsylvania Law?

Without the answers to these questions, our hands are pretty much tied.  Before you call our office looking for help, make sure you can answer the question, “What is wrong with my car?”  In our experience there is a mechanic out there who can diagnose the problem.  You just have to find him/her.  If you call us before you are able to answer this question, all we can do is express our shared frustration and ask you to find a mechanic who can diagnose the actual issue.

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