Common Problems with Used Cars

With the weather warming up, more people are getting outside, more people are shopping, more people are buying cars, and that means our phones are ringing more with used car problems.  This time of year always causes us to start wondering, “Is there a used car without any problems?”  The short answer is probably not.  Unfortunately, cars are machines and used machines start to have issues.  However, that doesn’t mean you are up a creek without a paddle when it comes to legal recourse.

Common Used Car Problems:

Common Used Car Problems are generally referred to as “wear and tear” items.  These are part of cars that wear down often, and generally, aren’t hard or expensive to replace.  Wear and Tear items will include breaks, rotors, tires, clutches, maybe some engine belts, oil changes, etc.  Some people may even refer to these issues as routine maintenance items.  Pennsylvania law makers recognize that these issues exist in used cars and don’t require a dealership to warn you about them before you buy a used car.  In other words, a dealership can sell you a used car that needs new breaks without telling you that before you buy the car.  While we may not agree that this is fair, logically, it makes sense.

You Are Not Entirely Without Recourse:

We had a woman call us the other day with a whole list of issues that she had to repair after buying her used car.  Her list covered about the first 4 months of her ownership.  The car was in and out of the shop constantly.  None of the issues individually qualified as a violation of the law.  However, taken as a whole, we may have a violation of the Pennsylvania UCC Implied Warranty of Merchantability.  After all, if her car is in the shop every few weeks for another issue, does the car really function as a car?

The point is, don’t ever assume you don’t have any legal recourse just because you bought a used car.  Used cars are expected to have some issues.  However, there is a limit.  Give us a call, let us review your case for free, and we will give you our professional opinion about your legal rights.  One thing we can assure you, the dealership won’t voluntarily help you.

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