Debt Collection Defense Attorneys

The bulk of our caseload at Artim Law is defending individuals who are sued by collection agencies.  We see lawsuits from Cavalry, LVNV Funding, Midland Funding and Portfolio Recovery Associates every day.  These guys are the large debt buyers and it appears that they’ve swallowed all of the smaller debt buyers.  Every now and again, we see lawsuits from CACH and a few of the others, but these guys are the big 4, no doubt.   They’re filing lawsuits like its nobodies business.  At the time of this writing Midland Funding is filing about 700-800 lawsuits per week in Pennsylvania.  LVNV is filing between 300 and 700.  This is big business and they’re coming after your money.   The easiest way to do that is to file a debt collection lawsuit.

If you’re faced with a debt collection lawsuit the key is to obtain legal counsel.  You need an attorney who specializes in debt collection defense.  PLEASE don’t try to handle the case yourself.  That is a sure fire way to lose a winnable case.  Consumer law or debt collection defense is a small niche area of law that not many attorneys handle.  Its not “big money” like personal injury and its not bound to make one rich or famous.  What it is is a few consumer attorneys who want to fight for people who have been victimized by large credit card companies or other lenders.   There isn’t a story that you can tell us that we haven’t heard dozens of times before.   You may have had a job loss, a salary reduction, a divorce or a health issue…possibly some combination of those issues.  It doesn’t matter the reason, what matters is that we’re here to help.  We try to handle these cases on a flat fee or stage basis where you know up front what the total legal costs are going to be.   It makes things easier for you as the client to know that the fees are going to be “X” and then you’re done.

As far as the collection lawsuits go, these debt buyers like Midland and LVNV have a difficult time beating you in court if you hire the right attorney.  In many cases, they don’ have the proper evidence to beat you and the evidence that they do have is filled with holes and errors that a trained eye can spot fairly easily.  The word “objection” is used in court about as often as we take a breath of fresh air.   We don’t let them get any improper evidence into court and we make sure that the judge knows that the evidence that they do have is insufficient.  We back ourselves up with statutory law and case law in every single case.   As always, we offer a free, no obligation consultation on all debt defense cases.  Please call our office at 412-348-8600 to schedule a phone consultation right now.

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